Distributed IT Solutions

Innovative, bespoke, secure, on premise

GSI Framework

Our distributed systems rely on our very own cross platform framework. No reliance on 3rd party cloud services and based on industry tested open source solutions.

TAS Server

Terminal Management System server, based on GSI framework, offers cutting edge technology for managing downstream oil terminal handling procedures.

FMC Suite

Field Management Controller solution to maintain, control and monitor fuel consumption and stock in any type of industry that uses transport, including rail, road, water and air, as a means of business.

GSI Console

Gas station activities management software with advanced security, theft prevention algorithms and quality assurance for all liquid and gas products. Connectivity integration capabilities with 3rd party existing systems (ERP, POS…)


Central aggregation system for live, real time monitoring and controlling of multiple downstream oil sub-systems (tanks, pumps, etc.) yielding simultaneously alarms for critical functions. Solution was supplied, in 2013, to Greek government’s central monitoring governing agency.

GSI Loyalty

Advanced, proximity card technology loyalty system for the gas station fuel dispensers. Functionality provides automatic communication and control fuel dispensers in many ways. Can be used as an alternative to an AVI (Automatic Vehicle Identification) system.

3rd Party Integrations

Our modular system has an open integrations interface for connecting 3rd party software to our solutions. ERP integrations have been implemented for SAP, Entersoft and SoftOne ERP systems in Greece as well as many other software applications.

GSI Open Reports

Reporting aggregation tool for creating live, interactive dashboards from various database sources. Customization tools offered with solution, making it a valuable cumulative reporting tool that spans across all data points of a distributed system.

Net Devices

Embedded Software devices that behave as “Black Boxes” can be installed easily and send information online or offline without disrupting currently installed systems. Solution was supplied to known oil distribution chain in Greece to monitor all distribution points.

GSI Access Control

Modular, high anti terrorism level, security access control for critical installation facilities. Implementation and deployment in 2016 at the Cyprus airport in Larnaca, LAFS (Larnaca Aviation Fueling System).

GSI IOT Server

Our GSI IOT server provides monitoring and controlling of IOT devices. It is platform independent and does not have any dependency on 3rd party cloud solutions. Your data, on your servers with advanced failover persistent availability and cryptographic security.

GSI Geolocation

Geolocation and real time monitoring of vehicle bespoke solutions according to your vehicle fleet needs. Advanced speed, consumption, checkpoint monitoring and custom real time event management on extremely fast, web based open street maps user interface.

GSI Bespoke Solutions

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