Motor Oil GSI FMC Solution
Downstream Oil

Motor Oil needed a distributed system to track storage, blending and trading points of the refinery. Most noteworthy the specifications requested compliance to the regulations of the Greek Inflow Outflow legislation. Even more, the requirements requested deployment without interfering with the existing systems. Above all, these current systems include ones that handle the automation of the oil refinery operations.


First, we installed and customized our GSI FMC Suite. In line with the specifications, we connected to all the necessary fuel storage and distribution points of the refinery. Furthermore, we offered handling of special transactions such as blending and transfusion of fuel products. Our solution is monitoring the facility at the central station of the oil refinery. As requested, it is showing live status of controlled check points. These points include Tank levels, Truck Loading, Custody Transfer etc.

SAP ERP Integration

Additionally, we implemented an integration of FMC to the SAP ERP of Motor Oil. It is important to realize that transactions at check points are sent in real time to the ERP. As a result, the operations management has a clear comparison tool for the refinery transactions. In the final analysis it shows its power when comparing logistical statements with actual hardware data.

GSI Net Devices

Adjacent to the central station are many sub locations stretching a couple of kilometers in distance. We managed to connect legacy hardware and software to the main station with the deployment of GSI Net Devices. Above all, previously non-connected to the central station check points are now sending real time data.

GSI Open Reports

Finally, we offered GSI Open reports as an aggregation and analysis tool for oil refinery data. The Motor Oil refinery has a large amount of data making it difficult to generate insightful reports. Our solution is now offering connectivity to all existing systems to create custom dashboards and reports.