Larnaca Aviation Fueling System
Downstream Oil

The Larnaca Aviation Fueling System facility provides storage and management of aircraft fuel. Moreover, it is one of the most advanced facility of its kind in Europe. It is our honor, amongst major international competitors, that we offered to them our GSI TAS system. Specifically, our Terminal Automation System is a complete management system for the Oil and Gas Industry. As well as offering Jet fuel management we also incorporated our GSI Access system.  In the event of a security breach our system provides advanced anti-terrorism level access control to the facilities.

GSI TAS Solution

Our Terminal Management System offers complete management of fuel transactions. For the fueling management our system manages all major transactions. Firstly, the trucks deliver the Jet fuel to the facility and the TAS assures high fuel quality standards. Additionally, with the delivery completed the system monitors all tank levels in real time. Consequently, the system tracks fueling of the airfield refueling trucks. Finally, all airplane refueling transactions update our TAS via a 3rd party mobile application. To put it differently our system tracks and manages all Jet fuel transactions of the facility. Additionally, a web application handles the orders placed by the facility suppliers. This includes details that are necessary for the access control as described below.

GSI Access Control

Equally important to the fuel management of LAFS is the security of the premises. It is important to mention that the system manages specific anti-terrorism legislation at the airport facility entrance. Our GSI Access Control passed with distinction the security requirements. Specifically, the system handles double security doors that trap a vehicle entering the facility and tracks the security prerequisites. These include proximity cards of trucks and drivers, biometric data and live check of open orders by suppliers. All entrance and exiting information assure the terminal manager about security protocols and procedures automatically. Moreover, the access control data sends events to the TAS, to prepare the loading procedure of the tanks.