Hellenic Petroleum GSI FMC Solution
Downstream Oil

Hellenic Petroleum is the largest oil refinery that is operating in Greece and one of the largest in the Balkans. Their needs where for a software solution to track fuel operations according to Greek law. Thus, the requirements where focused, but not only limited to, on compliance to strict legislation. We managed to develop and deploy according to all specifications and we delivered a bespoke solution according to their needs.


So, first there was a need to satisfy the Greek Inflow Outflow legislation requirements. With our GSI FMC solution field managers check the amount of produced, stored and distributed fuel at all points of control. The solution transmits all required information to the Public Revenue office according to the regulatory specifications. Management traces and can account for of all product movements, storage and blending. Our solution achieved this goal in parallel with the existing software installed on the premises without interfering.

GSI Net Devices

Furthermore, and above all, managing remote points of the installation was one of the most important requirements of the installation. They specified live and secure monitoring implementation of 3 main refinery points. With the usage of Net Devices, Hellenic Petroleum can achieve this with ease. Our IT architect specialists analyzed requirements and installed embedded software devices that behave as “Black Boxes”. Consequently, they can send and receive information online or offline without disrupting currently installed systems. Additionally, our solution uses custom security cryptography that offers high data protection security.

GSI Open Reports

Finally, Hellenic Petroleum requested our Open Reports solution. With GSI Open Reports the management and field operators can create custom reports and dashboards by aggregating data from various sources. Bespoke report designs on existing databases where created very easily with existing structured query language scripts. As a result, all existing software is now able to produce even more insightful reports that are useful for analysis and comparison.