Independent Authority for Public Revenue (IAPR)
Public Sector

The Independent Authority for Public Revenue of Greece handles the monitoring of downstream oil transactions. This process is very complicated and requires online real time data management. In particular the check points include gas stations, oil fueling depots and refineries. The revenue office assures that all check point transactions fulfill secure storage and transmission according to the legislation policies

GSI Achilles

GSI Achilles is a state of the art data server based on our GSI Framework. It is a fail-safe, load balancing aggregation server designed for the Downstream Oil industry. It can handle with ease multiple check points. These check points are tanks, fueling points and transactions. The most compelling evidence of its success is that it is currently running since 2013, handling 2000-6000 queries per second.

GSI MIS & Big Data

First thing to take under account when handling live data from many locations is big data. Moreover, big data datasets are so big and complex that traditional data-processing application software are inadequate to deal with them. Of course, GSI Achilles manages big data with load balancing techniques and usage of NoSQL technologies. One petabyte is a million of gigabytes. To emphasize the abilities of the software it can handle many petabytes of data. To clarify though, it not only stores this vast amount of information but is able to extract meaningful reports. Government officials, with our GSI MIS solution can now track and control live alerts of possible misconduct and act upon them.

GSI Geolocation

One of the innovations of GSI Achilles is that it can show live information of check points on a map. Furthermore, the maps are based on OpenStreet, making them free of royalties and extra charges.