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A few words about GSI Technologies


To begin with, the IT software development market is a highly demanding one. Requirements change, technologies evolve, and software developers need to keep up. Additionally there is a need for specialized and completed solutions in vertical markets. These were the initial thoughts of the people that began this undertaking. People with especially long-lasting experience in the market of Information Technology and Software Development.

In late 2011, the initial steps took place and GSI Technologies was born. Initially it started with studies of the downstream oil market requirements. Subsequently, step by step they started to put in place the creation of a software suite. Who would have known that in a few years we would cover almost the entire range of the Downstream Oil market needs?


Overall, GSI Technologies offers solutions to enterprises that need reliable Distributed IT Systems. Solutions that give a competitive advantage compared to the competition. Solutions that check and track end to end operations of enterprises and automate procedures.

The downstream is notably highly demanding. Under those circumstances GSI technologies had to evolve and develop software offering low latency, high availability, secure and reliable systems. Subsequently, a series of solid architectural choices produced a whole ecosystem of solutions. The GSI Framework is the culmination of this process, a framework that is used to solve IT problems in a wide range of industries.

GSI’s mission is to evolve as experts in Distributed IT Systems. The downstream oil industry is the beginnings and already we have used the acquired knowledge in other markets. Namely IOT and Geolocation to mention a few.


GSI Technologies has developed from scratch a complete suite of applications. The architecture and philosophy are cutting edge set apart from anything else is currently on the market. The approach is to offer a solid framework that handles multiple remote locations. Big data, low latency and most importantly reliability is the cornerstone of our solutions.